Young National Chef of the Year Sweet Potato Recipe Challenge

Take a bunch of talented young chefs with raw ambition and a hunger for innovation, add to the finals of the prestigious Young National Chef of the Year contest – and you have a recipe for some incredible results!

Food gold. Treasure trove on a plate. Well, two plates in fact, as the contest demands each finalist conjure up a three-course-meal in the October 2nd cook-off at The Restaurant Show.

These young innovators beat hundreds of others to get through to this stage, not with fancy ingredients, but by thinking outside the box and challenging boundaries.

And that’s why Lamb Weston is supporting these gifted young chefs as a YNOCTY sponsor.

Lamb Weston make it their purpose to be the most inventive potato company in the world. It sees possibilities in the humble potato and as a global category leader, the team are always exploring, imagining a better way. They know great ideas don’t come gift wrapped. It’s their job to discover great ideas searching in unusual places, just like these young chefs will have done to earn their places in these highly acclaimed finals.

Lamb Weston want their inventiveness to help change the world, like these young flavour adventurers will in the future. These digital natives have the world’s cuisines at their fingertips. Through their careers they will be figuring out the next new and exciting trends across the globe which is why Lamb Weston is proud to support the Young National Chef of the Year Mentor Day for finalists to hone their skills prior to the final cook-off.

These are the flavour explorers of the future who will lead us on to evermore exciting new taste adventures. Innovation is the currency of these food champions of the future – and it starts right here at the YNCOTY.

To whip up an extra storm of imagination, Lamb Weston, along with YNCOTY, have set the Lamb Weston Sweet Potato Recipe Challenge; finalists are invited to create an innovative sweet/dessert recipe, using Lamb Weston sweet potato products (a choice of Sweet Potato CrissCut® Fries, Sweet Potato Crispy Fries or Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries) as the hero product on the plate. The dishes – recipes, working methods and photos – will be judged by distinguished judges from The Craft Guild of Chefs and Lamb Weston enthusiasts. And to match the uniqueness of the dish they will be creating, a unique experience awaits the winner… watch this space to see REAL possibilities in potatoes! There is an incredible prize for the overall winner so make sure you are following @Craft_Guild and the hashtag #YNCOTY to learn more and see what the chefs create.

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