Young National Chef of the Year finalist- Supatthra Viriphan

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The Young National Chef of the Year finalist, Supatthra Viriphan likes to see her career as more of an art. She finds it a great outlet to express her passion and one of her ambitions is to motivate more people to get into the industry.

Supatthra studied at Brockenhurst College in the New Forest and completed a Level 3 Diploma. She’s currently working at Chewton Glen Hotel in Hampshire which is where she does most of her training for competitions such as WorldSkills, surrounded by a team that motivates her to use the skills she’s learnt and see how far she can push them.

When thinking about chefs who have inspired her she mentions Dave Chang feeling there are a lot of similarities in their upbringings. Over the years she has watched him give Asian cuisine a breath of fresh air and his own signature style inspires her to do the same in her own way.

It was her college lecturer, John MacArthur, who wanted Supatthra to continue pushing herself. He’s been there since the beginning, seeing her through from college to her first competition and has continued to support her in every step of her career. A large part of her entering this competition is not only pushing herself to see what she is capable of, but also working her hardest to represent the endless amount of support she’s received from John and everyone else along the way.

When she was growing up in Amphoe Loeng Nok, Thailand Supatthra didn’t have a lot. Her family grew all the vegetables and herbs from her grandad’s garden and they reared chickens and cattle for their own consumption. Her grandad and mum taught her it’s not about what you have physically around you, it’s about how you utilise it.

Supatthra learnt the hard way, that it’s a very competitive world to survive in so when she arrived in England she wanted to make the most of every opportunity she had. Knowing if she wins the title of YNCOTY it’s a tribute to all the hard work she has put in to be where she is today.

When asked to share three words to describe her style of cooking, Supatthra said “All kinda Asian.”

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