Sam Everton

Sam is currently working as a senior sous at ‘Crwst’, which is a small restaurant located in Cardigan, West Wales. His culinary career started as a trainee at a restaurant called Hammet House. He then went to Pembrokeshire College and trained for three years, walking out with a Level 3 qualification. Sam then joined Wordskills UK and received some of the best training in the country, training at James Sommerin, Gidleigh Park, Launceston Place and the House of Commons and he had one-to-one training with Heston Blumenthal’s sous chef. 

One of the things Sam loves most about being a chef is the long hours as he loves working to his full potential and trying to push himself every single day. Sam has always wanted to be a chef for as long as he can remember, he even asked for a food processor for his 12th birthday. That’s where it all started. He’s inspired everyday by different things, but the biggest inspiration so far is probably his mum and nan. They have always been good cooks and from a young age he would love to help them in the kitchen. 

When it comes to competing, Sam thrives on the buzz of the event. As soon as the timer starts, he gets in the zone and there is no better feeling than being fully focused with the adrenaline pumping. For Sam, competing in Young National Chef of the Year is a great honour. He has trained for competitions for the last three and a half years so to be a finalist in one of the biggest competitions in the country is a massive achievement, and he is really excited to be taking part.

Winning would mean so much to him, having spent years training in competition environments and he would love for all that experience to pay off and try and put Cardigan on the map. Sam will prepare for the final like he does most of his competitions. He’s hoping to practise hard and try and get as much flavour into the dishes as he can, work on his presentation and just enjoy the experience. 

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