National Chef of the Year finalist- Liam Fauchard-Newman


The saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ is true in the case of The National Chef of the Year finalist, Liam who got into cooking “by accident”. But ever since Liam set his sights on becoming a chef he hasn’t looked back. Citing his mum as a huge influence on him and describing her as the best cook he knows, his home-life was a massive part of his career-choice. He could always be seen hanging around the kitchen when she was making dinner.

It was at Westminster Kingsway College in London where Liam studied and learned the basics of cooking. However, he told us the training he received during his four years at The Square, was the most significant part of his career. This experience is, what he believes, made him the talented chef he is today.

There isn’t one chef alone who inspires him although he has worked with some of the country’s best. Making people happy through his food is what inspires Liam, and this encourages him to create, develop, learn and become a better chef. He loves to put himself in challenging situations that truly test him. Regardless of the outcome, he knows he will learn and grow as a chef with each new experience.

The day of The National Chef of the Year heats was filled with so many emotions, with highs and lows, so when Liam heard his name he was speechless. For him, it was such a great day just being part of the semi-finals and it felt like all the hard work had paid off. Liam’s motto for preparing for the final is quite simple, “practice, taste, practice, taste, practice, taste, taste and repeat”. Liam couldn’t put how winning would feel into words but did reveal it via a series of emojis 👨‍🍳😝😃😆😄🙌🙈😍😋🤗😬🙏🙌🙃.

Straight after the announcement a quick WhatsApp group message was all it took to let Liam’s family know what he had achieved. Once the news had sunk in, he enjoyed an outstanding meal at kitchen W8, deservedly washed down with a glass of champagne (or two).  

The three words that best describe Liam’s style of cooking are delicious, honest and fresh.

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