National Chef of the Year finalist- Stefan Sewell

003Sefan Sewell

The National Chef of the Year finalist, Stefan Sewell is part of the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team. He was always interested in food from an early age but in some ways, this made him feel quite embarrassed, especially as he was the only boy in his home economics class at school. Whilst all his mates were learning about electronics and mechanics, he was enjoying making scones and biscuits. However, this interest continued and his passion for food increased with him going on to train at RAF Halton Catering School. After training he became a Defence Chef Instructor for the RAF.

Stefan is a family man and told us how it’s his family which inspire him to do so well. This includes his supportive wife who has always believed in him and his two gorgeous boys who he always wants to do his best for. Throughout his life, Stefan has always strived to make his parents proud and hopes to do so by being part of The National Chef of the Year final. Stefan is also inspired by many fellow chefs in the industry, including some of his incredible chef colleagues from the armed forces.    

Winning the final in October would be an amazing achievement for Stefan, however, before he thinks too much about that feeling he just wants to focus on the task in-hand. He was completely shocked and amazed to hear his name called out as a finalist and will be spending the build-up to the main event making sure he is fully prepared. At work, all his colleagues were really happy and everyone is right behind him, something which Stefan is extremely grateful for.

The first person Stefan called to break the news to was his wife but the shock was so intense he could barely get his words out and his mate had to take the phone off him to tell her he had made the final. Stefan celebrated the news at a little pub right outside Le Cordon Bleu where the semi-finals were held but also thoroughly enjoyed the drinks reception and the chance to network with industry colleagues.

The three words Stefan would use to describe his style of cooking are marriage, modern, flavours.

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