With lighter nights and warmer waters, ensure you are checking with your local Direct Seafoods depot for day boat specials. As day boats are getting in more fishing hours, they are bringing in more fabulous fish such as plaice, lemon sole, dover sole and hake. Lovely Cornish mackerel should soon start to be seen, alongside Scottish as the fish migrate from Spanish waters. We should also start to see more UK sardine availability from mid-June. 

As the weather hopefully gets warmer, and we head into summer, we think of lighter foods and recipes. This is an ideal time to be using Direct Seafood’s fantastic wild native lobsters, responsibly sourced by local fishermen using pots or creels. These should be great quality for the next three months. Crabs should also start to be more plentiful - great in salads and pasta dishes. Bivalves, however, are now spawning, so keep these off your menu for a while.

Create something special for themed events

With Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June this year, how about putting on some fish for the dads? Sea reared trout is a great option now or perhaps a nice meaty farmed Halibut or Turbot portion?

We also see National Fish and Chip Day on Friday 7th June. Why not try something a little different this year instead of the traditional cod or haddock?  Direct Seafoods has some great menu suggestions and recipes for monkfish, mackerel, whiting, plaice, swordfish and scallops. Ask your local Direct Seafoods depot for details. For those of you signed up to their newsletters, you may have already seen a few of these suggestions trickling through.

Direct Seafoods’ Buyers June Picks                                                   

The National Chef of the Year team asked the experts at Direct Seafoods to reveal their top recommendations for your June menus.

  • Sea Reared Trout
  • Lemon Sole
  • Whiting
  • Monkfish
  • Mackerel
  • Native Lobster
Check out this recipe inspiration

For National Fish and Chip Day, Direct Seafoods has also created some stunning recipes and are proud to share them with National Chef of the Year supporters. You can download the recipe cards using the links below.




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