Meet the Sheffield semi-finalist: Daniel Griffiths, sous chef at Portmeirion Hotel

As a competitor in the National Chef of the Year for the first time, we wanted to discover how semi-finalist, Daniel was feeling about this achievement and get to know him a little better before the cooking gets underway on Tuesday.

Why did you enter the competition?

I've followed the competition for a few years and after seeing this year's brief I thought I should give it a go

How did you find out you had made the final?

I was at work checking Twitter when I found out I had gone through.

How did you celebrate this amazing achievement?

Being at work there was no time for any celebrations but there will definitely be a few beers if I make it to the final though. I have been practising at every chance I get.  

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

It has to be my head chef, Mark Threadgill. He's made me believe that I am good enough to enter the competition.

Which part of your menu are you most looking forward to serving?

I'm looking forward to serving all my dishes, but mostly my main course because the quality of the beef is amazing. It is now on the menu at work.  

Tell us something people reading this may not know about you.

This is the first competition I have ever entered

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