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 WMFW 2019

Experts say that by 2050 the developed world will need to reduce their meat consumption by 50%. Everyone from celebrities to athletes to entire companies are supporting the movement to eat more plant-based foods.


This World Meat Free Week, chefs, operating at the heart of the food industry, cannot underestimate the impact they can have on promoting quality, imagination and innovation when it comes to cooking with less meat, more veg and alternative protein sources. 


At Quorn, we’re constantly excited by our chef engagement program, designed to engage with chefs around protein diversity, a key challenge for kitchens of the future as the cost of meat increases and consumer demand for sustainable protein continues to grow.

Key to this is our work with the Graft Guild of Chefs Graduate Awards, where for the past two years, graduates have created a starter using Quorn ingredients.

We know that Quorn products pose a unique challenge to chefs as they’re not a typical ingredient, however we’ve seen this challenge met with enthusiasm and imagination, and after some impressive dishes from last year’s graduates – the bar has been set high.

CGOC Grad Awards 15

We’ve seen some phenomenal creativity from the graduates who created everything from consommés to a meat loaf made using Quorn mince, mushrooms and bone marrow. As more young chefs continue to broaden their knowledge around the other protein choices out there, we expect to see an increase in their confidence and creativity when cooking with them.

As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, young chefs of today really understand the role that protein diversity will play on menus in the future. It’s fantastic to see them push themselves and the ingredients to create truly innovative dishes and flavours.

This year’s graduates will have their starters judged by guest judge and Quorn partner Chantelle Nicholson, chef patron of Tredwells and we look forward to seeing that bar move even higher.

Quorn Graduate Awards Amuse Bouch 23 May 2018 WKC

Experts say that by 2050 the developed world will need to reduce their meat consumption by 50%: Source: Tirado, R., Thompson, K.F., Miller, K.A., & Johnston, P. (2018). Less is more: Reducing meat and dairy for a healthier life and planet. Greenpeace Research Laboratories Technical Report (Review). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Greenpeace International. Retrieved from:

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