WearerTech: Bringing hospitality the comfort it deserves through innovative footwear.

Here at WearerTech, we’ve made it our mission to reduce pain for people who work in the catering and hospitality world. People just like you. We’ve really made it our business to understand chefs and their demands. But this has required us to do things differently to offer something chefs and people standing on their feet all day at work have not tried before, we wanted to innovate.

How have WearerTech used innovation to understand chefs?

We’ve teamed up with the University of Salford to combine biomechanics (the way your body works) with material science (the way stuff works) to understand your needs and how the long periods of standing affect your body. Our research has involved interviews to understand your needs, activity tracking to understand the demands you face at work and in-depth laboratory studies to gain an understanding of the biomechanical impact of standing on your body. 


So how does the science and research actually create comfortable shoes?

Every feature of every WearerTech shoe goes through a five-stage research and development cycle of design, refinement, testing and improvement. We call this process our Wearer Innovation Loop.


It also means that before the shoes are launched, they have been put through their paces in real-life kitchens, hotels and restaurants, by hardworking chefs, kitchen works and waiting staff. People just like you.

Our first step in customisation…

All this has brought out another phase of innovation. We have just launched a range of the first work shoes with a choice of insoles designed in collaboration with the University of Salford’s biomechanical experts… our Custom Pro range.

Custom Pro image

Our research with the University showed that increasing the contact area made between the bottom of your feet and the inside of your shoe is a game changer. The greater the contact, the lower the pressure, the lower the discomfort.

This means that depending on your arch height and how you prefer a shoe to feel under the arch of your foot, you can choose an insole that is appropriate to you and to your feet meaning comfort that’s suited to you.

What is the industry saying about these shoes?

“I’ve been a devoted Birkenstock customer for years but will always be wearing WearerTech shoes from now on.”

“Not just the comfiest work shoes I've worn but possibly the comfiest shoes full stop.”

“They’re just comfortable. Not sure how to describe it. I mean, you can tell people how great they are, but they won’t truly understand until they wear them.”

“I wore my new WearerTech kitchen shoes for the first time at Royal Ascot. I didn’t need to wear them in even though they were brand new. They were simply fantastic. Comfortable and did the job with not one bit of discomfort. Feet at the end of the week never felt so good!!!”

“Probably the best chef shoes I've ever worn. Light, comfortable, easy to maintain.”

“The most comfortable work shoe I have worn in a lot of years.”

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