The plant-based revolution: a fad that’s fit for the future

Whilst vegetarianism and veganism are dietary and lifestyle choices, plant-based dining, or plant-forward, has a very different purpose. Plant-based dining is about consuming less meat – although this doesn’t mean cutting it out altogether – and instead choosing to eat more plant-based foods.

Today’s reality is that about 75% of what the global population relies on just 12 crops and 5 animal species – when there are actually over 5,000 species of crops that we could be eating. The world’s largely cautious and unvaried diets are placing too much reliance on too few plant species.

With a global food supply already under threat, at Knorr Professional we’re determined to enable chefs to serve the world better. We’re championing better ways to cook for a more sustainable food future, by creating flavours using natural, quality ingredients.

We’ve summarised 50 of the most powerful of these ingredients in our Future 50 Foods report, created in partnership with the WWF. We want professionals, and the wider food industry, to be inspired by this report in order to cook more diversely in the future. Chefs have an undeniable influence over the future of food, often setting the food trends of tomorrow. We’re encouraging chefs to support and promote better food practices by choosing ingredients which have a lesser impact on the planet.

We want chefs to lead by example, making small changes in order to make a big difference. This might include basic ingredient swaps in existing dishes, or putting vegetables, beans and pulses at the centre of dishes when developing new menus. Championing plant-based proteins on menus is key and using creative descriptors can really help to change consumer perceptions of these ingredients. ‘Scream flavour and whisper health’ – and suddenly plant-based becomes much more desirable. 

At Knorr Professional we believe that it’s about making the better choice, the easier choice. Putting plant-based dishes at the forefront of menus might just initiate that small change which, in the longer term, will make a big difference to the future of our industry – and our planet.

Discover plant-based recipe inspiration with our free guide. Click here to download your copy now.

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