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Here at WearerTech, our mission is to reduce pain for people who are on their feet all day at work. WearerTech shoes are thoughtfully designed to make your working life that little bit safer, better and more comfortable. We have a vision to change the industry and give the chefs the comfort they deserve. Read on to discover what we’ve found out about the health and well-being of all of you in the industry and how we’ve embarked on a mission to make your working days that little bit better…

What our research has shown…

Research is what drives our work, we want to give you scientific led evidence and that’s why we have partnered with the Centre for Health Sciences at the University of Salford. Their Knee, Ankle and Foot Biomechanics Department has helped us to build our understanding of advanced ergonomics.

We’ve been surprised at some of the results of our various studies:

…First the working hours

Infographic working hours image

…and then where chefs experience pain

Areas of Pain Image

So, how do our shoes improve your health and well-being?

Every feature of WearerTech shoes is refined with the experts at the University of Salford to create comfort and support for your entire body.

For example, our Relieve, Refresh, Vitalise, Transform, and Invigorate styles all come with a raised heel. We’ve created it this way to improve your posture whether you are in a static position o you are leaning over the counter . These shoes help distribute the pressure more evenly throughout the bottom of your foot.

All our ranges come with excellent slip resistance which of course helps your health and well-being as it reduces trips, slips and falls at work.

Our new Custom Pro Range has breathable uppers allowing to keep your feet at the correct temperature and therefore improving your foot health, comfort and overall well-being

All our WearerTech shoes are very lightweight which reduces the stress and strain from the back of your legs.

Check out how we’ve improved the health and well-being of these wonderful chefs…

Chef Dipna Anand, the Curry Queen:

Steve Groves, Head Chef at Roux at Parliament Square and NCOTY 2020 Finalist

Nick Edgar, NCOTY 2020 Finalist:

Nick Edgar Blog Post Image

Bethan Disley-Jones, YNCOTY 2020 Finalist:

Beth Disley Jones Blog Post Image 


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