Steve Groves

Steve has worked at Roux at Parliament Square for the past nine years, as sous chef for the first three years and head chef for the other six. Before this he was at Launceston Place for three years. He loves working as part of a team to deliver the best experience possible for all guests and particularly enjoys the creative side of the job and seeing young chefs come through his kitchen and helping them to develop. 

When he was younger, Steve wanted to be a firefighter. However, he went to catering college as something to fall back on if the firefighting didn’t work out! He found he loved catering college and decided to pursue this as a career. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, however, and there was a time about 14 years ago when he was set on leaving the industry to join the police or fire brigade. Instead, he moved to London to test himself at a higher level.

When it comes to who has inspired him, Michel and Albert Roux are a great source of inspiration and having the chance to work with them has been incredible for Steve. The Roux history, knowledge and dedication to constantly evolve is always inspirational. 

His most memorable working day was his first day as head chef at Parliament Square as he saw it as a huge privilege to have this role and lead such a great team. Steve has intended to enter The National Chef of the Year competition for the last few years but never managed to make the time to enter. He only made it this year because the deadline was extended! He had told himself that he had to make the time to do it and prepare properly telling us: “It’s a great competition and you only have to look at the past winners to see the quality of chefs that enter. When I made the final, I felt mostly relief! I was happy after the cook-off but almost straight away a bit of doubt started to creep in, then by the time it was announced I had no idea whether I’d done enough. I didn’t really see what anyone else had done as I was just focussed on my dishes. To win NCOTY would be incredible, it would be a very proud moment and to have closer ties with the Craft Guild of Chefs and help develop the next generation of chefs coming through would be great.”

Steve believes that for a chef to succeed it takes hard work, dedication and the ability to listen and adapt. For him, there is no substitute for having a solid grasp of the classics as that foundation gives a chef the tools to go off and create with modern tastes in mind.

The three words that Steve would use to describe his cooking style are flavourful, classical and simple.

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