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10 Years of Inspiration, Creativity and Innovation

As proud sponsors since 2010, Churchill has seen so much creativity and innovation coming from the competition’s kitchens. Over the last 10 years, the industry has flourished with individuality and diversity, not least in how food presentation has evolved. Inspired by its environment, Churchill has taken inspiration from those it serves to drive forward a program of product development that meets the needs of an ever-evolving creative market.

Back in 2010, a plain white palette was the standard choice. Winners such as Hayden Groves (2013) praised their selections for being ‘simple and timeless’, as they showcased their stunning courses across Churchill’s Ambience range. In 2014, Russell Bateman valued  the collection for its versatility, as it ‘worked incredibly well across all courses’. Using a classic white canvas was sure to emphasise the ingredients in any course.


Russell Bateman (2014)

But as National Chef of the Year has continued to push the boundaries of creativity,  reflecting the latest presentation trends and visual inspiration from the growth of social media, we’ve seen huge changes in food presentation over recent years.

Now, more and more chefs look to stand out from the crowd by integrating the plate into the overall presentation of their food. Through colour, texture, shape and print, the tableware partners with the ingredients to enhance and complement the dish. As a result, choosing a plate becomes much more personal. Kuba Winkowski, who won the competition in 2019, said that the design of his plates ‘needed to match the style’ of his dishes. He went on to choose Churchill’s Studio Prints Stone, a modern take on traditional pottery. Last year’s winner Steve Groves chose Churchill’s Raku to achieve his ‘contemporary feel’, with ‘colours that really complemented’ his dishes and enhanced the visual experience.


Kuba Winkowski (2019)

With chefs looking to stamp their originality by matching plates to menus, variety and choice becomes essential. Part of the role of the new product development team at Churchill is to carefully monitor global trends to spot potential for new ranges and fulfill this need.

Over the last 10 years, Churchill has launched over 2000 new products since its partnership with the competition began. Each year aligned with the demand for more inspiration, the speed of innovation has increased to help chefs find the perfect plate; in 2010, Churchill launched 99 new products compared to a massive 392 last year (2019).

Churchill are incredibly proud to support the industry that supports them; year-on-year, Churchill’s ever-expanding portfolio is inspired and driven by the most creative and innovative chefs. The products are accessible and the technical attributes are innovated at the same rate of development. Not only do the products look good, but as with the winning dishes, there is substance and a winning set of ingredients behind each plate.

To check out some of the trends Churchill has identified as part of their design process to match global cuisine styles, visit the Inspiration section of their website. For more on the technical attributes, check out the Performance Delivered story.

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