How do Direct Seafoods support sustainability?

Direct Seafoods has put sustainability at the heart of our business, and continues to lead the way in seafood sustainability in the foodservice sector. We offer one of the largest ranges of MSC certified products, with over 100 different products available for chefs to choose from, and we will not sell seafood products that have been caught or farmed unsustainably or unethically, always guiding customers to more sustainable choices.

A great deal of the work we do takes place “behind the scenes” as far as chefs are concerned; our Director of Sustainability Laky Zervudachi works tirelessly to promote sustainability and marine conservation, and sits on numerous advisory panels including the Responsible Fishing Scheme, Sustainable Seafood Coalition and Project UK.

We also provide plenty of direct support for chefs, including regular customer focussed newsletters titled ‘Catch-up’ from Direct Seafoods which include information on sustainability ratings and in season species; red and green rated posters guides for fish species; and sustainable seafood courses and training videos.

Sustainability is increasingly important, and younger consumers in particular are actively putting sustainability concerns at the centre of decisions such as what restaurants they visit and what they eat. We’re all consumers, of course, and it’s just as important to remember that those working in hospitality, whether that’s in kitchens or for suppliers like Direct Seafoods, want to know they are making a positive difference.   

As an industry, to help improve sustainability, it needs to be at the heart of menu planning and supplier decisions. Just as importantly, it shouldn’t be a chore – building menus around fresh, sustainably caught seafood is very rewarding for chefs and has huge appeal to consumers interested in the variety and provenance of the food they eat. Direct Seafoods’ knowledgeable staff can help to take away some of the hard work through guidance on sustainable seafood choices.

The process of being more sustainable will never stop, it’s a continuous journey that we’re all on, and we all - supplier, chefs, operators and consumers - have to work together. Our view is that maintaining a sustainable supply chain is paramount to our business and the industry as a whole, and we work hard to guide and influence our customers and suppliers towards more sustainable methods of capture and production.

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