Pan fried hake with a crab and prawn croquette, and a saffron and mussel sauce

Our National Chef of the Year sponsor, Direct Seafoods has shared a fantastic Hake recipe.

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Hake are round fish caught from all around the UK. MSC certified hake is also available. The fish tend to be at their most abundant in the months from March to October. The yield of a hake can be approximately 50%. Hake has an uncomplicated, subtle taste, combining the flavour of cream with a hint of salt. The texture of the flesh is delicate and the skin is easy to eat.

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Preparation time 30 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Ingredients (4 portions)

  • Hake portion 140-170g – 1 in number (order code 01HAK14E10 HAKE: PORTION 140-170GM SQUARE CUT)
  • White crab meat - 10gm (order code 04CRAWC00E2K CRAB: MEAT WHITE HAND PICKED 454GM NETT PACK)
  • Mussels - 40gm (order code 04MUS00K0A MUSSELS: (KG)
  • King prawns - 6 in number (order code 08PRDVKV30124 PRAWN: KING - BAP - RAW PEELED & DEVEINED 31-40 (700GM NETT PACK)
  • White wine - 60ml
  • Mussel liquor - 30ml
  • Saffron - 4 strands
  • Double cream - 30ml
  • Panko breadcrumbs, egg and flour for crumbing crab and prawn croquette
  • Rapeseed oil - 20ml
  • Butter - 30gm
  • Nasturtium leaves – 4


1. In a hot pan add mussels and half of the white wine. Bring to the boil and once mussels have opened, tip into a sieve and allow to cool (KEEP COOKING LIQUOR).

2. Make the croquettes by placing 2 thawed prawns and crab into a blender. Gently season and blend to a puree. Roll into a ball, then flour, egg and breadcrumb (pané).

3. To make the saffron sauce, combine mussel cooking liquor, white wine, saffron and cream, bring to the boil and simmer until the sauce coats the back of a spoon. Season.

4. Pan-fry the hake - skin side down - in all the butter and rapeseed oil. Turn when the skin is crispy. Place in the oven for 4-5 minutes until cooked. Remove from the oil and drain on a cooling rack and keep warm.

5. Deep fry the crab and prawn croquette. Poach and cook the remaining thawed prawns in saffron sauce. Once cooked, add the mussels in shells to warm through.

6. Assemble the dish and garnish with Nasturtium leaves.

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