How Le Cordon Bleu is supporting the hospitality industry

Le Cordon Bleu are passionate advocates for the culinary arts, and when your business is training culinary professionals, you want to do all you can to support the industry that will eventually employ them.

There is a lot of camaraderie amongst those with the shared passion for food, and as such the institute has many partners and friends in the industry who they would gladly support as much as possible, especially through the turbulence that 2020 has brought to the hospitality sector.

For a long time, Le Cordon Bleu has invited guest chefs to host demonstrations at the institute, inviting students and members of the public to watch skilled chefs from different backgrounds prepare fantastic dishes and discuss their methods and backgrounds and, of course, to share tasters. Alas, for now this is not possible, but fortunately Le Cordon Bleu is continuing the demonstrations online, allowing them to reach a much wider, global audience.

Now that the school has been able to reopen, students on the internship pathway will be able to gain experience in some of the best kitchens in the world, helping to provide a skilled and willing edition to those kitchens. Many internship students will gain a permanent job from their placements, or at the very least have real-world experience that prepares them to go straight into a job in just about any kitchen.

Of course, it is only natural that you look after your own, and there is nothing Le Cordon Bleu love more than hearing of their alumni’s successes. Whether they become a world-famous chef, open their own business or land a job they are happy with, it’s wonderful when they hear former students are doing well.

There is a library of success stories on the Le Cordon Bleu website, featuring fascinating interviews with alumni of the institute. It’s a great place to see the diverse routes people have taken since attending Le Cordon Bleu. For example, Nico Fitzgerald, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London in 2016 with a Grand Diplôme®, has since garnered experience in some of the UK's finest restaurants, including Adelina Yard and Heston's The Hind's Head, before joining his fellow alumni as Executive Chef at London Stock.

Whatever is in their power to do to bolster their fellow industry professionals, Le Cordon Bleu will embrace whole heartedly. Hopefully as the situation in the world improves, they will be able to start doing more again, but for now they will do what they can.

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