A spotlight on seasonality and provenance with Les Vergers Boiron

Over the next week, the hospitality attention is well and truly on the ten talented National Chef of the Year finalists. For their dessert in the final they had to create a delicious seasonal dish that would impress course judges Paul Ainworth, Graham Hornigold and Kuba Winkowski. With a spotlight on seasonality and provenance this month we caught up with Julia Guiho from Les Vergers Boiron to learn about some of the work they do to create the best ingredients possible for chefs.

Do you think food provenance has become more important to consumers since the pandemic?

Provenance has been important for some time, but since the pandemic, consumers have become more appreciative of choosing foods that have greater traceability, and strong and authentic food stories behind them.

How do you promote seasonality and provenance?

Our frozen fruit purees are in season all year round and they offer an incredibly convenient way to create sweet and savoury dishes which capture the flavours of fruits at their very best, because they’re picked at their peak.  The purees are ideal for enhancing dishes using fresh seasonal produce, delivering a greater intensity of flavour and a diversity of textures

How do you support chefs to develop their knowledge and skills?

 Les Vergers Boiron has launched a new service for chefs to directly answer recipe questions about the use of the company’s fruit products. Allo Chef! gives access to the company’s expert chef consultants who will be providing advice on a daily basis. You simply send over your recipe questions via the website at and within 48 hours the chefs will get back to you by phone. The free service is available until the end of September 2020.

The website is also a great resource of recipes, techniques and ideas across our range of fruit purees and products


Here’s a few recipes you may like to check out to learn more about how to use Les Vergers Boiron in your kitchen.

Pear chestnut Vanilla -  POIRE_MARRON_VANILLE.pdf



Jasmine Plum Stone Matcha Forest - FORET_DE_MATCHA_QUETSCHES_ET_JASMIN.pdf

jasmine plume

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