It’s the final few days for the paper entries for National Chef of the Year and it’s always exciting seeing the entries coming in. If you still haven’t sent in yours here are some tips from five chefs who have been in exactly the same position as you are now. Take a few moments to read their thoughts and advice.

1.    “Make sure you have read every detail of the brief. If it’s the first time you will be entering, then it’s really important to have understood what’s being asked of you fully. Do your research on what other chefs have created as winning dishes over the last few years. This gives you some idea of what the judges are looking for.”
Freddy Forster

2.    “The same thing I always say. "Keep it simple". Show off your skills, knowledge and taste but don't go too crazy trying to show off. We are looking for class in this competition.”
Mark Sargeant

3.    “Be thoughtful, concise and at the same time methodical in your approach. I’d recommend you get at least one other person, preferably with good English grammar and a non-cook, to read through it. What makes sense to you may not make sense to others. Finally give it to one of your chefs who hasn't seen the finished dish to read through.”
Hayden Groves

4.    “Any judge needs to visualise a dish from just the words and want to eat it. Don’t write a recipe as though another chef is reading it, write it as if a plumber is reading it and can follow it from start to finish.”
Simon Hulstone

5.    “Think about having a good, clear title. The title of the dish gives the judges a good idea of the what the dish is about and this should stand out as soon as the judges see the menu title.”
Alyn Williams

The deadline for National Chef of the Year has been extended until Friday 7th April. You have until midnight to submit your entry. If you have any questions, feel free to DM @Craft_Guild on Twitter.

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