With Norwegian haddock the star of the finalists’ starters, sustainability has taken a bigger focus in this year’s competition.

The Young National Chef of the Year competition is a place for the next Michel Roux Jrs and Simon Hulstones of the culinary world to show off their unmistakable talent. So where better to educate the chefs of the future about the importance of sustainability?

At Seafood from Norway, we’re proud to once again be sponsoring the competition. And this year, that includes providing fresh haddock for our finalists’ starters.

The world’s most sustainable stock

Only 30% of the haddock we eat in the UK is actually caught here; the other 70% comes from the Barents Sea, where Norway scientifically manages its seafood stocks. Thanks to decades of quotas and strict fishing standards, the Barents Sea is home to the world’s most sustainable haddock stock. 

George Clark, Senior Commercial Manager at the MSC explained: "Norway has some of the best fisheries management in the world. That strong management, and a respect for the environment they fish in, has earned Norway MSC certification for its cod and haddock fisheries since 2010. MSC labelled Norwegian cod and haddock can be traced back to the cold waters of the North East Atlantic and Barents Sea, so you know you're getting a sustainable fish with a great provenance."

Advice from the pros

Former National Chef of the Year winner, Michelin-starred Simon Hulstone, was recently at the YNCOTY Mentor Day, showcasing how best to serve the Norwegian haddock supplied for the final.

As a Seafood from Norway ambassador, he knows the importance of sustainable produce: “On my many trips to Norway, I’ve seen first-hand how everyone in the supply chain is both passionate and enthusiastic about ensuring the sustainability of their stocks. It has reinforced my belief that all fish should come from well-managed waters.

“For us, it means cod and haddock can stay on our menus all year round.”

 Sustainability doesn’t stop there

It’s not just haddock that’s sustainable – Norway prides itself on ensuring all its seafood is sustainable. Which makes it easier to ensure the seafood on your menu is not only delicious, but environmentally sound.

Seafood from Norway would like to wish all YNCOTY competitors the best of luck for the final. We look forward to seeing the incredible haddock starters created.

 For more information on all Norwegian seafood, visit or speak to your local fish supplier. 

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