Meet the National Chef of the Year semi-finalist: Josh Adams

Josh Adams is the development chef at Sousvidetools and we are delighted to have him in the Sheffield semi-final of National Chef of the Chef (NCOTY). Ahead of the competition, Josh has been revealing more about himself and his culinary skills.

Tell us how you first heard about the competition and what attracted you to enter?

Ever since I had begun training as a chef I had heard of NCOTY. It always attracted me to enter, I just wanted to build up the skills and knowledge first. I entered this competition because I love to put myself to the test, try new things and live my career to its full.

Where were you when you first discovered you had made it into the National Chef of the Year semi-finals? 

I was actually on my first family holiday with my wife and two kids and we had all just got back from the swimming pool. My phone was going nuts!

How did you celebrate your achievement?

We went out and had a lovely meal and celebrated as a family.

How are you preparing for the next stage of the competition?

Psychologically – just trying to keep calm and gathering my thoughts. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career so far?

Chris Holland – the guy is a straight up legend, knows his food and understands how to pass his knowledge on. He is also one of my greatest friends and keeps me on my toes at all times.

How will you feel if your name is called out as a finalist?

Overwhelmed and super proud of the achievement.

Tell us something that followers of the competition may not already know about you.

I have always wanted to achieve a doctorate or degree in food science, so that I can be a food scientist.

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